Hamachi Sashimi, Lebanese falafel, bulgar salad, tahini aioli  9.50

Big Eye Tuna Tartare, smoked jalapeno, radish, tempura avocado, aioli, lime  16.50

George's Bank Scallop, coconut lemongrass panna cotta, Thai curry and kaffir lime vinaigrette, plantain crisps, pineapple compote  12.50

Fresh Uni, walnut butter, red currant, fried rosemary, red wine gastrique  13.50



Octopus, dill pistachio pesto, pickled onion, candied lemon  14.50

Fried Surf Clams, aioli  9.50

Swine & Roe, fried bufala mozzarella, trout and salmon roe, guanciale vinaigrette 14.50

"Chowder", Bang's Island mussels, surf clams, leeks, shiitake, taters, bacon  12.50



Oysters, see today's list for our current selection  MP

Wild Mexican Shrimp, traditional  quarter pound  12 / half pound  21

Alaskan King Crab Legs, chilled or steamed  19/38

Maine Lobster, steamed or chilled, MP (half/whole)

Caviar, Lemon herb blini, chive, crème frâiche, shallot

by the 10 gram

   Black River Siberian  20

   Black River Oscietra  40

   Black River Premium Oscietra  44

Seafood Tower of Power Chef's choice 55 / 75 / 125




Fried Oyster Sandwich, smoked oyster gribiche, potato bun, lettuce, pickle  12.50

Beet and Ginger Cured Salmon Sandwich*, lettuce, sliced radishes, red onion, avacado  14.50

Lobster Roll, damn near half a Maine Lobster, packed in a little bun  19.50

Bacon Wrapped Cod "Chowder", Bang's Island mussels, surf clams, leeks, shiitake, taters, bacon  26

Crispy Whole Haddock, lemongrass butter, lime, ponzu, fresno chile  MP

Steamed Clams, Bilbao chorizo, tomato fondue, fennel, ciabatta  23

Paella Moderna  27

Squid Mac, Point Judith RI squid, cream cheese hollandaise, grilled Maine lobster tail, watercress  29

Jerry’s Chicken Spatchcock, tarragon lemon pan jus, home fries  26





Broccoli, avocado, apple, sunflower seeds, yuzu-sesame dressing  6

Comice Pear and Roasted Sunchoke, fennel, watercress, gorgonzola, herb vinaigrette  8.75

S&G House, butter lettuce, dried wakame, shiitake, walnut-orange vinaigrette  8.50

The Fibonacci, cauliflower two ways, fractal broccoli, curry cashews, sultanas  8.50



Parkerhouse Roll Knot  1 ea

Cornbread  1 ea/4 for 5 pc cast iron pan

Potato Salad, fried egg emulsion, country ham, micro fennel  3.50

Roasted Brussels Sprouts, hazelnut cream, maple praline  6

Creamy Mascarpone Polenta, romesco sauce, smoked ricotta  6



Smoked Oyster Tartar Sauce



Drawn Butter

Champagne Mignonette

Fried Egg Emulsion





"Affogato" Mocha granita, whipped mascarpone, cigarette cookies  6

Warm Chocolate Bread Pudding,

  hot buttered rum sauce, creme fraiche ice cream  7


  Strawberries & Cream  6.50

  Lemon Meringue  5.50

  German Chocolate  5.50